Monday, 22 June 2015

McCrimmon Staying with Wheat Kings

  It wasn't an hour-long ESPN special, but the decision is in for Kelly McCrimmon.

  He's not taking his talents to 'The Big Smoke' and is remaining with the Brandon Wheat Kings.

  McCrimmon confirmed Monday in a five-line release issued by the Wheat Kings had he had discussed a management position with the National Hockey League's Toronto Maple Leafs but, in the end, the long-time owner, general manager and head coach has stayed to stay the course in Brandon.

  "Certainly it was a tremendous opportunity and would have been a great challenge to work at the National Hockey League level with an organization that I think is held in tremendous regard in the NHL, so all those things were very attractive," said McCrimmon, "At this end, we've got a team here in Brandon that I think is looking to take the next step and I just couldn't reconcile not staying with the group here to try and help us get that done."

  McCrimmon added the NHL is the best and the brightest, and that the position he was offered with the 'Leafs would have been a great challenge."

  "A lot of the things that I enjoy in terms of where my own strengths are would have lined up well with what they were looking for, so those are the things that are appealing," said McCrimmon, "It would have been a real good opportunity and one where you would continue to learn, grow and improve, which is what anyone is trying to do so those were things that would have been very appealing about the opportunity."

  Monday's announcement ends nearly a month of speculation on McCrimmon's future and what impact that might have on the club's coaching and management structure for the 2015-2016 season.

  Now, everyone knows its status quo.

  "I think our players are focused and committed on trying to win and I want to be part of that," added McCrimmon, "And, I feel that as the owner, general manager and head coach, I've got a responsibility to be part of that so that was the overiding factor in the decision."

  Below is the statement released by the Wheat Kings today...

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