Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wheat Kings Get 'Edge' in Skill Development

Ryan Pilon goes through a drill as part of
Power Edge Pro training on Wednesday
  The Brandon Wheat Kings are a fairly high-skilled team already, but they can always use an extra edge.

  They got that in the form of instructors from the Power Edge Pro Training System, who put the Brandon players through a series of drills on Wednesday afternoon.

  Professional skills development coach Joe Quinn designed the system, and says it's geared toward skill development, especially skating and stickhandling in situations where there's a lack of time and/or space.

  "We've got a product that's got a really neat, functional design where it really puts pressure on the player to handle the puck through small space," said Quinn on Thursday, "It's all reactionary training, and it's set up to challenge the players in different game situational areas."

  The product is a six-foot long apparetus that has an open 42 inches that the puck can go through, while you can also attach a multi-positional stick to the back of the apparatus to simulate an opponent's stick.

  "Today, we got to work on a lot of skills that you might now get a chance to do during the season.  It's a thing that you need to make time for to refine your game," said Brandon defenceman Colton Waltz, who worked last off-season with Power Edge Pro trainer Adam Huxley, "I think a lot of guys found that there's a lot of things they can work on, and that's what we did today."

  The on-ice product is only part of the system, with the drills and instruction available to coaches and players year-round through an app on your mobile device.

  The product has been used by teams and players in the professional and junior ranks, but Quinn feels it can also be very beneficial for minor hockey as well.

  "The challenge we have with minor hockey is that it's hard for executive to make decisions, but you're also dealing with coaches that may not want to change," said Quinn, "We find it a lot easier to deal with the pro level because they know it has to be done, but there's no question that this product needs to be at the grassroots level."

  Power Edge Pro recently signed the expected #1 pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, Connor McDavid, to be their spokesperson for the next five years.

  You can get more information on the system by visiting

  We'll also have a full-length interview with Dan Quinn and Scott Smith from Power Edge Pro during the Wheat Kings' broadcasts this coming weekend.

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