Saturday, 8 March 2014

Game #69 - Brandon at Prince Albert (March 8, 2014)

33. Jordan Papirny
35. Curtis Honey

6. Ryan Pilon - 2. Ryan Pulock
7. Eric Roy - 9. Rene Hunter
11. Taylor Green - 5. Colton Waltz

21. Tyler Coulter - 23. Tim McGauley - 18. Richard Nejezchleb
28. Quintin Lisoway - 20. Chad Robinson - 26. Ryley Lindgren
13. Rihards Bukarts - 17. John Quenneville - 12. Jesse Gabrielle
10. Kord Pankewicz - 22. Braylon Shmyr - 27. Brett Kitt

- To say the Wheat Kings are facing adversity tonight would be an understatement.  The club has not only seen its grip on a playoff spot loosen thanks to 11 losses in their last 14 games, but they're also without their leader scorer and their head coach tonight.  Jayce Hawryluk has suspended by the WHL earlier today for the charging major he received in Friday's loss to Edmonton while Kelly McCrimmon will be missing from behind the Brandon bench tonight.

- I mulled this over during the 6 1/2 bus trip to Prince Albert, but tonight's game could be a defining moment for Brandon's organization in the context of where this Wheat Kings' team is at.  It's time for some of the players, particularly those that are going to be part of this organization over the next couple of years, to step forward and show they can handle adverse situations and shine through.  That hasn't been a strong point for Brandon the last couple of years.

- You may or may not agree with Hawryluk's suspension, whose length is undetermined at this point, based on the incident itself, but I'm certain reputation played a part in the WHL's determination.  This is Hawryluk's third suspension of the season and I'm guessing the league is waiting to see the extent of the injury to Edmonton's Mads Eller from the hit.  If Eller is injured at all, I'm guessing Hawryluk will not play another regular season game this year.  The moral might be -- if you take a run at a player from 25 feet and hit him high, and you've already been suspended twice for bad hits this season, it's probably not going to work out positively for you.

- The other Brandon scratches are Peter Quenneville (lower body), who misses his ninth straight game, while Jens Meilleur (lower body) misses his fourth in a row.

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