Monday, 16 July 2012

Ex Wheat Kings Bring Cup to Brandon

Ron Hextall (left) and Darren Granger brought the Stanley
Cup to Brandon on Monday
A few hundred fans took advantange of the chance to get their picture taken with the Stanley Cup on Monday.

Brandon products Ron Hextall and Darren Granger brought Lord Stanley's mug back to the Wheat City, with fans getting a chance to get their picture taken with the Cup before Granger and Hextall spent their personal time with hockey's biggest trophy

"I think it's important to remember where you came from. I'm a Brandon boy, this is home and it always will be," said Hextall, who is the LA Kings' assistant GM, "I have fond memories and ties to the Wheat Kings and to the city and when I found out I got a day with the Cup, there was no question where I was taking it."

Hextall will get his private day with the Cup on Tuesday and plans on sharing the day with family and friends while Granger, the Kings' equipment manager, is spending his day with the Cup on Monday in similar fashion.

"You hear the stories of guys taking it back to their hometown and let people enjoy it as much as you can," said Granger, "It'll be a fun day. We have lots of people here getting it, and then we'll have lots of family and friends with a chance to be up close with it."

Proceeds from Monday's public event at the Keystone Centre were being donated to Hockey Brandon, the United Way and Big Brothers and Sisters.

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