Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Nine Months Later, Cuthbert Still Recovering from Concussion

Brayden Cuthbert
Brandon product Brayden Cuthbert is slowly making his way back from a concussion.

The 17-year old originally suffered the injury during his rookie season with the Western Hockey League's Moose Jaw Warriors last January and hasn't played since.

"I've been feeling a lot better the last couple of weeks than I have been for the past month or so," said Cuthbert during the intermission of Friday's Warriors/Wheat Kings' game, "I'm not really rushing anything right now. I've got a lot of hockey left to play in my life so I just want to make sure I'm 100 per cent first."

Cuthbert, who had two goals and four points in 39 games during his rookie season with the Warriors in 2010-2011, says the worst part of dealing with the concussion for him has been the constant headaches.

"You might be feeling good one day, so you may try going for a little walk or something but then it always pops right back in there," said Cuthbert, who's home in Brandon, "Even if you're feeling good, you sort of have to step it off for a couple of days and if you're keep on feeling good, then you maybe try something because if you don't, the headaches keep on coming back."

Cuthbert adds that he's taken notice of Sidney Crosby's approach to the same injury, and that gives him confidence that he's doing the right thing in taking his time in coming back.

"He's won it all, he's got everything and it seems like he's a great role model for players everywhere," said Cuthbert, "Seeing a guy like that taking his time, not getting pressured or not falling into that pressure and just really taking care of himself first, it's huge relief off your back. It means you can do the exact same thing, take your time and listen to how your body feels."

Cuthbert says he's hopeful to start riding the bike within the next couple of weeks and, when he's feeling up to it, he's already made arrangements to go on the ice with the AAA Midget Wheat Kings.

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