Tuesday, 13 September 2011

GM's, Coaches Gather in Calgary Today

(courtesy http://www.whl.ca/)

For the first time in recent WHL history, all 22 WHL General Managers and Head Coaches will be in attendance for a seminar in Calgary today.

They will be reviewing the Seven Point Plan to reduce blows to the head and concussions that was adopted by the Western Hockey League following their Annual General Meeting in June.

One point in the plan was for all WHL Head Coaches and General Managers to take part in a seminar conducted by the WHL to fully review the Seven Point Plan in detail and to go over the new WHL Playing Rule changes that coincide with the plan.

The WHL Seven Point Plan is a comprehensive approach to addressing this important matter and includes the adoption of new playing rules; more severe suspensions for repeat offenders; production of an educational video on risks of concussions to educate the players to be more responsible for themselves on the ice; a seminar for all WHL Head Coaches and General Managers; new soft cap elbow and shoulder pads; expanded research data and a review of all WHL arena facilities safety standards.

The WHL Playing Rule changes includes the adoption of a Checking to the Head penalty for lateral and blind side hits to an unsuspecting opponent in open ice where the head is targeted or is the principle point of contact. The WHL also tightened the standard on late hits as well as charging and interference penalties to address players building up significant speed and hitting the opponent along the boards with excessive force. The WHL also adopted a new embellishment rule and introduced automatic suspensions for players who receive multiple penalties for checking to the head, checking from behind, embellishment and kneeing.

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