Thursday, 2 December 2010

Kelly McCrimmon's Reaction to Schenn News

I had a chance to talk to Brandon Wheat Kings’ GM/Coach Kelly McCrimmon this evening about Brayden Schenn’s return to the hockey club.

LUBER: This is obviously disappointing for Brayden and, yet, this is good news for the hockey club.

KM: “It’s real good news for our team, certainly, and probably what makes this situation a little more unique is that we’re as far into the season as we are. I’m sure it’s even that much more disappointing for Brayden that he lasted that long but its obviously good for our hockey team.”

LUBER: Have you had a chance to talk to Brayden, and what’s his mindset like?

KM: “Brayden’s disappointed, as you expect he would be, yet there is some closure for Brayden now. There was a great opportunity that he had in LA but being in a hotel for three straight months, not knowing day-to-day what your fate would be really takes a toll on a player…at least he’ll have an understanding of what the rest of the year holds for him, which should be comforting to some degree.”

LUBER: How does this change the dynamic of your team, getting a player the caliber of Brayden Schenn back in your lineup?

KM: “It’s going to be hard to assess. We could tell at camp how much improved Brayden was this year at our training camp, he had taken another step in his fitness and how well he skated, how good he looked at camp. We not going to have really any opportunity prior to him getting back from the World Junior to see what impact he was on our team”

Kelly added that Brayden’s travel plans were still being finalized, but it’s certain that we won’t play in the Wheat Kings’ game Friday in Edmonton.

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