Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Schenn Headed to AHL

Rich Hammond ( says it’s now official.

Brayden Schenn will go to Manchester (AHL) for a conditioning assignment of a maximum of two weeks.

The Monarchs next game is on Friday, when they host Worcester.

BTW, in regards to Schenn being sent to the AHL as a precursor to a trade to Calgary for Flames' captain Jarome Iginla, TSN's Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie both said today, that there doesn't appear to be much weight to the rumour.

Dreger tweeted today "Iginla and the Flames are bound to endure a season of trade spec. Rumours linking Iggy to the Kings are false, but there will be more..."

McKenzie tweeted "I am told, and by more than one person who should know, LAK and CGY have not had a single discussion of any sort about Jarome Iginla."


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty big loophole in the whole NHL/CHL agreement. Thought it was either NHL or CHL, then this comes out of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

i have heard rumours ( and we all know there are lots of them) that Schenn doesnt want to play in Brandon. In your opinion do you think that it is possible that they are using this 2 week stint for WK to deal Schenn to another dub team?

Luber said...

I have heard the rumours, but they certainly haven't come from what I would consider to be a credible source.

I think this all goes back to four years ago when Brayden and his family were initially reluctant to report to Brandon.

However, I can tell you that since the day he committed to the Wheat Kings, Brayden and his family have bought in 100 percent with the organization, and have been nothing but supportive over this three seasons in Brandon.

Just another thought from me. IF, and that's a big IF, IF that were the case, wouldn't the value for Schenn on the trade market increase if he was actually assigned back to junior?

Anonymous said...

I had a conversation about this with a hockey dad and that was the conclusion we came to. We figure LA is waiting for Brandon to make a deal with another dub team and then he will be returned to jr. time will tell what happens.