Friday, 26 November 2010

Motion Picture to be Shot During WK's Game


The new motion picture “Goon” is shooting in Winnipeg this month and for at least one night at least, members of the production team will be in Brandon to shoot several scenes for the movie.

The team will be in attendance at Saturday night’s Western Hockey League game between the Wheat Kings and Moose Jaw Warriors, looking to capture the look and feel of minor league hockey. While a number of the details need to be finalized before the game, there is talk of one possible on ice scene to be shot following the pre-game warm-up in addition to a number of crowd shots.

The movie is inspired by the book “Goon: The True Story of an Unlikely Journey into Minor League Hockey,” about the real life adventure of minor league enforcer Doug Smith.

Alliance Films says “Goon” features Liev Schreiber (CSI, The Manchurian Candidate and X-Men Origins), Seann William Scott (Old School, American Pie and Dukes of Hazzard) and Montreal born Jay Baruchel (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice), who co-wrote the film with Superbad writer Evan Goldberg.

The film is the latest in a string of recent films dedicated to Canada’s favorite pastime. “Breakaway”, with Rob Lowe and Russell Peters, began principal photography in Toronto last month while Score: A Hockey Musical hit theatres in October.

“Goon” is being directed by Canadian Michael Dowse and produced by Don Carmody Productions. While Dowse has directed such films as Fubar 2 and Take Me Home Tonight, Carmody has been producing films for more than 35 years including the likes of Porkys, A Christmas Story, The Boondock Saints, Wrong Turn and Lucky Number Slevin.

In all, he has produced over 90 films and has worked with many of the major stars of the industry including Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis and Robert De Niro. In 2002, he was Co-Producer of the hit film musical Chicago, which won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture.

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