Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Shinnimin Verdict In

The Western Hockey League has announced a 12-game suspension for Tri-City Americans' forward Brendan Shinnimin for his nasty hit-from-behind on Saskatoon forward Josh Nicholls last Wednesday.

It's the most talked about hit in years in the WHL and, while it's a stiff sentence, it is likely the right call by the League Office.

Personally, I felt a double-digit suspension was in order, but doubted the WHL would have the intrepidity to pull it off because they haven't traditionally handed out lengthy suspensions in the past.

The fact the hit made both TSN and Hockey Night in Canada over the weekend likely had something to do with the stiff sentence -- certainly not the national exposure the WHL is looking for.

If you haven't seen the hit yet, cringe and click here...


Anonymous said...

I do not feel that 12 games was enough. I though that he shoud be suspened for the rest of the year. If you look at the hits that got other players suspended for the remainder of last year, this hit was just as bad.

Anonymous said...

Those hits were in the wacko OHL, run by the nutjob crusader Dave Branch. Liambas on Fanelli was clean. I can't say Kassian should have got more than a couple of games. And Rinaldo's hit on Foligno in the playoffs was no more than a two minute minor. The OHL is so far out of whack, it's time for the league to go away. Branch loves Kitchener and London, it's a two tier league now since most teams aren't treated the same. Time for a breakaway league if you ask me!