Thursday, 16 September 2010

CFB Shilo Welcomes Wheat Kings

The Brandon Wheat Kings got a taste of being soldiers Thursday as they spent the day at CFB Shilo.

The Wheat Kings made the trip 20 minutes East of Brandon at the invitation of the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.

The team was at the Kapyong Barracks, where they got a briefing on military code of conduct, went through both small arms and LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle) simulators and had a chance to witness a 'live' firing exercise.

"It's a pretty amazing place," said Brandon defenceman Mark Schneider, "It's pretty honourable what the men and women out here do and it's a great honour to get a tour and be part of this today."

"I've learned a little bit about what they're doing here and what their life is about," added goaltender Jacob De Serres, "We're doing all the cool stuff but it's not like that for them every day. Some of the stuff we did today, they have to go through six months of training before they get to it so I feel pretty priviledged to be able to do that."

There's always a parallel made between the military and sports team, generally regarding teamwork and trust, and a trip like this may increase the team's camaraderie moving forward.

"There's a leadership element to it, there's a teamwork element to it and I think it's a good way for them to realize that, in a lot of different aspects of life, it's like that," says Brandon assistant coach Mike Vandenberghe, "I think they're getting a good perspective of what it takes to work together and have some fun."

Lieutenant-Colonel Shane Schreiber, commander of the Battalion, says the day was arranged to help repay the Wheat Kings' organization for hospitality they showed the PPCLI in involving them in the 2010 Memorial Cup.

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