Thursday, 26 August 2010

World Hockey Summit Thought Provoking for McCrimmon

The World Hockey Summit was a unique experience, according to Brandon Wheat Kings' GM/Coach Kelly McCrimmon.

McCrimmon spent three days at the Summit in Toronto and was one of the panelists for Tuesday's session on junior hockey.

"I think the one thing that was really evident to me is how important it is to keep working at improving the player experience," says McCrimmon, "Working at improving the environment that your players play in and ensuring that you continue to be the place where the top players want to play."

McCrimmon adds that even though they're proud of their role in developing players for the National Hockey League and Hockey Canada, they need to keep looking for ways to make the CHL even better.

As far as some of the other sessions he attended while in Toronto, McCrimmon says discussion on various aspects of minor hockey was interesting.

"If there's some common themes, I think making the game affordable for young players is one area that continues to generate a lot of discussion, and rightfully so," says McCrimmon, "Another is to make sure enrollment for minor hockey is as high as it could possibly be because there is competition for families in terms of sports kids can play."

McCrimmon adds the growth of women's hockey is also important for the sport.

"Regardless of your direct interest in women's hockey, it's great for hockey that women and girls are involved," says McCrimmon, "It represents 50 percent of the population base and the more interest we can have from females, that better it is for the game."

McCrimmon also says having a lot of great hockey minds from around the world in one place at one time can only help the sport moving forward.

The World Hockey Summit concludes Thursday afternoon.

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