Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Flyers Passing on De Serres

Brandon Wheat Kings' netminder Jacob De Serres won't be a Philadelphia Flyer anytime soon.

Tuesday (June 1) is the deadline for National Hockey League teams to sign their 2008 draft picks but De Serres said Monday that there's no deal in the cards with Philadelphia.

De Serres was a third round pick of the Flyers in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft but Philadelphia signed two other young goaltenders recently (Brian Stewart and Sergei Bobrovsky), which probably sealed De Serres' fate.

The Flyers also have Moncton Wildcats' goaltender Nicola Riopel coming into their system next season.

Once June 1st passes, De Serres would become eligible for the 2010 Draft, and then become a unrestricted free agent if he doesn't get selected.

However, not signing with the Flyers increases the chances of De Serres being back with the Brandon Wheat Kings as a 20-year old next season.

If that occurs, it would create a logjam in net with De Serres and Andrew Hayes both being 20-year olds.

It's possible, if not probable, that Brandon would keep on the two to mentor prospect Liam Liston, who would be a 17-year old rookie in the WHL next year.


Alan said...

Hi Bruce!

Are you sure DeSerres becomes a free agent?

Since he was drafted as a first-time-eligible player in 2008, I thought he went back into the draft this year if he doesn't sign?

Luber said...


I believe you are correct.

De Serres would re-enter the draft but would become a UFA if he is not selected.

The only exception to this for '08 picks would be if they are 1989-born players.

However, I would say it's doubtful an NHL team would use a pick on De Serres when they could sign him as a UFA the day after the draft.