Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Current Version of Memorial Cup to Stay in Circulation

The winner of the 2010 MasterCard Memorial Cup will have a special spot on the trophy.

You see, it'll be the final spot available for a team plaque on the second base and, after this year, the trophy will begin undergoing some alterations.

From my understanding, there were three options discussed about what to do including decommissioning the current trophy and creating a brand new one and, perhaps, adding a third base to the trophy.

In the end, it appears the CHL will keep the current trophy in circulation.

"We set into motion a policy going back several years ago that the Memorial Cup will not change its shape or size because it's got such a distinctive structure and is so recognizable," said CHL President David Branch on Wednesday, "So, what we'll, do as we need more space, we'll take some of the top plaques off and make them a little bit smaller, and we'll place the original ones will be placed in the Hockey Hall of Fame."

Branch says its important to preserve the integrity of the trophy as we know it today.

The Memorial Cup has taken its fair share of punishment the last couple of years.

The Spokane Chiefs had the bowl portion separate from the base during the 2008 trophy presentation while a piece of the bowl was, reportedly, broken off while in Windsor's possession last year but was repaired.

The crack in the bowl is noticeably upon close inspection, while a portion of the top base was also broken off in recent years.

"It's filled with history and what's happened here in term of the re dedication of the trophy can not be understated," says Branch, "It couldn't have come at a better time."

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